About the WVRA

What is the WVRA?

The Wisconsin Valley Radio Association (WVRA) is:

• An organization bringing together Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) operators in Central Wisconsin
• Dedicated to the use of Amateur Radio in service to our communities

The WVRA is a 501(c)3 organization under the IRS code. We are a not-for-profit organization affiliated with the national association for amateur radio – the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). We are focused on:

• The continued learning of our members and to the technologies and advancement of Amateur Radio
• Emergency preparedness in support of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES), which supplements emergency government communication capabilities in times of disaster
• The operation of analog and digital communication radio systems on various Amateur Radio bands
• Providing communications to enhance safety at public events; past events have included:
° Badger State Winter Games
° Special Olympics Winter Games
° 24/9: Twenty-four hours at Nine Mile
° The Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River
° Bike Northwoods
° Wausau MS Walk
° Wausau Balloon Rally and Glow

• Severe Weather Storm Spotting as part of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service in support of the National Weather Service
• Demonstrating our field operating capability by participating in the ARRL’s Field Day exercise

Our members are typically all licensed amateur radio operators under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); however a license is not required for membership. Membership is open to all persons.

The WVRA has been recognized by the American Radio Relay League as a Special Service Club. This designation acknowledges the WVRA’s continued efforts in:
• Development and training of new Amateur Radio operators
• Maintaining a public presence in our communities
• The ongoing support of emergency preparedness
• Education on the technical and new aspects of Amateur Radio

Most importantly, we are a group of friends and neighbors, enjoying the amateur radio hobby to the benefit of our communities.

Please contact us with any questions:

Wisconsin Valley Radio Association
PO Box 363
Wausau , WI 54402-0363

Or you can email the WVRA board at

WVRA E-mail Address

The 2017-2018 WVRA Board

  • President: Joe Schoebel, KD9CJX
  • Vice-President: Michael Martens, KB9VBR
  • Secretary: Bob Aspinwall, WB9RND
  • Treasurer: Wendy Aspinwall, KC9VIO
  • Director (Net Manager:) Tony Hermanek, K9QM
  • Director (Equipment Manager:) Mike Wild, KB9DED
  • Director (Activities and Public Education:) Jack Klein, N9LIA

All board members can be e-mailed at their callsign@wvraclub.org