How to Join the WVRA

WVRA Membership, Club Roster and E-Mail Guide

Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, ARRL Contest Branch Manager giving a presentation at a WVRA club meeting

Thinking about joining the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association? You do not need to have an amateur radio license to join. Dues to the WVRA help support the club by covering the support costs for the repeater sites and insurance on the club owned equipment at the tower sites and the club trailer. The Dues money is also used for maintenance of all club equipment. Dues are paid annually and should be paid prior to the April General Meeting which is the first Tuesday of April. Dues for individuals are $25, the cost of a family membership is $37.50. If you would like to join the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association you can find a Membership form below. Please fill it out and either bring it to a club meeting or mail it to WVRA, PO Box 363, Wausau, WI 54402-0363.

Membership Info Sheet 2023-2024

As a member of the WVRA, one of the benefits you receive is  an email address reflector created for you. It will be your callsign If you want to email any of the other club members, you just need to remember their call sign. If you would like to contact the board of the WVRA, just email them at board[at]wvraclub[dot]org.

We also have an email addresses for the instructors for the license workshops and we also have set up email lists for our Elmers and YL’s. Here is a complete list of all our email groups.

New Email Address Reminder

If you have changed your email address since you joined the club, please notify the club treasurer so that the club roster can be changed and also Michael, KB9VBR ( so that the club email reflector can be changed.