New area repeater and W9SM 147.135 Update

fabricating a raceway out of uni-strut for the repeater feed line.

fabricating a raceway out of uni-strut for the repeater feed line.

From the KD9CJX ham shack…well, not really. I’m happy to report I spent most of the day at WZAW-LD, aka Fox 55. We have begun re-installing the W9SM systems and we’re making progress. Since we were last out there, an overhead door was installed which is requiring us to re-route our hard line. Once this is completed, we will move the repeater cabinets and begin reinstalling everything. We hope to have everything up by Field Day in June, but if everything works out alright, we might be up and running sooner! I want to thank Mark N9MEA, and Michael KB9VBR for coming out along with Stoney W9QJQ for his electrician services and Paul KQ9KX for helping us weld up some unistrut on a moment’s notice.

In other news, WeComm has turned on the new Irma voice repeater. This is an analog system and will eventually be connected to the statewide WeComm system. The new repeater resides at 146.895, has a negative offset, and uses the regional 114.8 PL tone. Please give it a try and send the signal reports to WeComm.

Our monthly meeting is this Tuesday, May 3rd. We’ll start at 6:45 pm sharp. Michael KB9VBR will be showing a brief video on JT65, one of the newest digital modes out there, which is great for weak signals and QRP work. Also, we’ll have a quick roundtable on your ongoing projects and time for the usual rag chewing.

Until then, may the bands be in your favor!