Brent Schaefer, K9MIX wins 2015 EAR Award; Schoebel, KD9CJX HotY Award

2015-EAR-winner-K9MIX-P1010418Brent Schaefer, K9MIX was recognized with the Excellence in Amateur Radio award at the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association’s annual banquet on Saturday March 19, 2016. The Excellence in Amateur Radio recognizes a person in the greater amateur radio community for their life service in the amateur radio service. Brent Schafer, has been an active member of the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association since the 1950’s. He’s held club board positions including President and Treasurer, and continues to be active in club events such as Field Day, Halloween Patrol, Wausau Marathon, and the MS-Walk. In addition to club activities, Schafer enjoys vintage radio equipment, CW operation, and county hunting.

2015-HOTY-KD9CJX-P1010412Joe Schoebel, KD9CJX, was recognized as Ham of the Year at the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association’s annual banquet on Saturday March 21, 2015. The Ham of the Year Award recognizes fellow club members that have provided service to the club and amateur radio community in the past year. Schoebel, first licensed in 2014, jumped into amateur radio public service with both feet and brought a great amount of spirit and energy to various club events including the Badger State Games, Wausau Marathon, Halloween Patrol, and Field Day. In addition to club activities, Schoebel enjoys homebrew antennas and DXing with his vintage Kenwood TS-520 HF transceiver.

Special-Award-KB9RXA-P1010407Dan Sharpee, KB9RXA, was recognized with a certificate of appreciation at the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association’s annual banquet on Saturday March 21, 2015. Sharpee, a long time WVRA board member and director in charge of community service, recently stepped down from the board due to work commitments. Sharpee’s leadership and planning of club community service activities will be greatly missed.

The HOTY award is open to all WVRA members and may be granted on an annual basis. The EAR is a lifetime achievement award, open to any eligible amateur radio operator.

Excellence in Amateur Radio Winners

2015-EAR-Award-P10104252002 – Reno Goetsch W9NA
2003 – Lewis Sheerar, K9JPS
2004 – Herb Bloedel W9GAA
2006 – Michael Wild KB9DED
2007 – Rich Maier KC9NW
2008 – Len Kreyer N9QIP
2009 – Gerald Graebel W9GLG
2010 – Dennis Shawl W9PBB
2011 – Robert Slane W9BVX
2013 – Don Michalski, W9IXG
2015 – Brent Schaefer, K9MIX

Ham of the Year Winners

2015-HOTY-award-P10104272005 – Dennis Shawl W9PBB
2006 – Mark Rasmussen N9MEA
2007 – Matt Baumann N9NMH
2008 – Gerald Graebel W9GLG
2009 – Travis Augustine W9HDG
2010 – Dan Sharpee KB9RXA
2011 – Kim Baumann KC9LFH
2012 – Roger Branton K9RGB
2013 – Michael Martens, KB9VBR
2014 – Jack Klein, N9LIA
2015 – Joe Schoebel, KD9CJX