Proposed Amendment to WVRA Bylaws

The Wisconsin Valley Radio Association board of directors are proposing the following amendment to the WVRA Bylaws to address the length of an initial membership when a person joins the club. With the proposed amendment, when a new person joins the club within 6 months of the club’s fiscal year, their membership will also be valid for the coming fiscal year.
Here is the proposed amendment for Article II, Section 1. MEMBERSHIP
e. New members paying full dues in the last six months prior to the end of the club fiscal year (as defined in Article I, Section 2) shall have their membership carry over for the following fiscal year. This is not for current members who have held active membership within the past five fiscal years. Any person rejoining the club after five full fiscal years of inactivity may have their membership carried over as long as the renewal is within the last six months described above.
Please note that publishing on the WVRA website, will serve as official notice of the proposed amendment. The first reading of the amendment was at the April, 2017 meeting and the amendment will be voted on at the May, 2017 meeting.
Please contact myself or any board member if you have questions.