WVRA Surplus Equipment Auction


All bids are “sealed bids” and must be placed online at www.wvraclub.org. Bidder form will be available on September 20. All bids will be sent to a ‘blind’ email box, to be opened on September 28, 2017.

Auction is open to WVRA members in good standing. If you are not a member, your bid is consent to join the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association and the $25 annual membership dues will be added to any winning bid.  

Auction will be open from Wed, Sep 20 through Wed, Sep 27, 2017. Winning bidders will be notified by email and will need to  pick up their items at the October meeting or make suitable arrangements with the auction committee. All sales are final and should  be paid by cash or check to the club. No credit or payment plans will be accepted. Items will not be released until payment is made. Auction committee reserves the right to modify any rule or to reject any bid.

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Yaesu FT-100D w/ seperation kit, ATAS100 Antenna*
Starting bid: $500

Yaesu ATAS-100 antenna

Separation kit and mobile antenna mounts for FT-100D


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Heil GM4 Goldline Mic, mic boom, AT8410 shock mount, foot pedal, and cable for Kenwood TS-2000 and similar models
Starting bid: $110

Heil Goldine Mic, boom and accessories

Heil GM4 Goldline Microphone
Starting bid: $75

Heil Goldline Microphone

Astatic D104 Microphone
Starting bid: $60

Astatic D-104 Microphone


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Yaesu G2800D XA Rotor Controller & Rotator
Starting bid: $400

Yaesu rotor and cable

Yaesu Rotor Controller

Rohn Flat Roof Bolt On Base (Rohn 20/25)
Starting bid: $125

Rohn Tower Base

LDG AT-200 Automatic Antenna Tuner
Starting bid: $75

LDG AT-200 Automatic Antenna Tuner

MFJ MFJ-949E Manual Antenna Tuner
Starting bid: $65

MFG 949-E tuner


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West Mountain Radio DC to Go w/ RIGRunner and SuperPWRGate
Starting bid: $100

PWRGate and Rigrunner w/ battery

West Mountain Radio Rigrunner 4012
Starting bid: $50


Astron RS-20A Power Supply (three total)
Starting bid: $40 each

Astron RS-20 Power Supplies

Astron RS-20 Power Supplies


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Bencher Bencher paddle BY-1
Starting bid: $60

Bencher BY-1 Paddle

Vibroplex Straight Key Standard
Starting bid: $60

Virbroplex Straight Key


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AEA Pakratt 232
Starting bid: $30

AEA PK-232


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MFJ MFJ-66 Dip Coil Set
Starting bid: $10

MFJ Dip Coil Set


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